Beauty is an art, it´s for everybody and anybody.


It´s not everybody that gets to represent beauty. Include is a project that was created to question and illustrate that anyone should be able to represent beauty. 

It´s time for a change, to include, everybody and anybody. 

It´s 2020, what are we doing if we don´t include everybody and anybody, what are we really doing if we can´t think one step forward in our creative creations. It´s such a simple thing, so why don´t include?


Include everyone, because beauty is an art, it´s for everybody and anybody. Things need to change, starting now. 


Makeup & hair:

 Ina Palm


Makeup & hair assistant:

 Lisa Rönnqvist

Photo assistants:

 Sofia Sörlin (BTS - filming)

 Beatrice Jakobsson


 Linnea Olsson

 Josefin Andersson

 Linnea Söderberg


Behind the scenes:

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