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Beauty is an art, it´s for everybody and anybody.


It´s not everybody that gets to represent beauty. Include is a project that was created to question and illustrate that anyone should be able to represent beauty. 

It´s time for a change, to include, everybody and anybody. 

It´s 2020, what are we doing if we don´t include everybody and anybody, what are we really doing if we can´t think one step forward in our creative creations. It´s such a simple thing, so why don´t include?


Include everyone, because beauty is an art, it´s for everybody and anybody. Things need to change, starting now. 


Makeup & hair:

 Ina Palm


Makeup & hair assistant:

 Lisa Rönnqvist

Photo assistants:

 Sofia Sörlin (BTS - filming)

 Beatrice Jakobsson


 Linnea Olsson

 Josefin Andersson

 Linnea Söderberg

Nikita Alma.jpg
Kolaco Samuel.jpg
Margareta Melanie.jpg
Wiktor Zara.jpg
Melanie Alma.jpg
Samuel Nikita.jpg
Margareta Almis.jpg
Moa Kolaco.jpg
Zara Moa.jpg


layout overview include kopiera.jpg

Behind the scenes:

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